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Product announcement from IHS ESDU

ESDU provides validated design methods, data and software tools covering a wide range of engineering discipline. The work of ESDU engineers is monitored, guided and rigorously validated by technical committees comprised of leading experts from industry, academia and government organisations from around the world, and is endorsed by key professional institutions. The result of this collaborative effort is a unique and unsurpassed engineering knowledge base.

From conceptual design to airframe modifications, ESDU increases confidence by supplementing and supporting methods and in-house software.

This pre-recorded Webcast provided by Dr John Hammar on 20 July 2016 explains how ESDU Validated Design Data can be used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Engineering Design.

Dr Hammar goes through and explains the ESDU Committee Structure, an overview of the ESDU website, the content, the Engineering Service and its relevancy for UAVs.

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